Saturday, 4 April 2009

New Bike!

Dropped my Giant Alias (mtb converted to touring bike) off at Ashburton cycles to get it all fixed up (new chain rings, fix the suspension forks, fix the brakes, etc.) and realised I didn't have any way of getting home. No problem, I'll just buy that De Rosa Vega I'd been eyeing off!

Took several hours, but I rode off kitted out with new road shoes and other must have accessories for $2200 ($160 off:D). It is a smoooth ride:) So much faster than anything I've ridden before. I can't wait to take it on Beach Rd tomorrow after Run for the Kids. Have to admit though that I don't like these road pedals very much. So hard to clip into! No wonder I always beat everyone off the line at traffic lights with my mountain bike pedals!

I'm not feeling quite so positive about R4TK as I was earlier in the week. Haven't been sleeping enough and my legs were feeling pretty destroyed yesterday. Feeling a bit better today though, so hopefully I'll be feeling good tomorrow morning.

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