Sunday, 5 April 2009

Run for the kids 09

Owch that hurt. Found fellow coolrunner Tony(aka TigerBoy) at the start and we went a little bit too fast. Not quite the 3:13/k that the 1st km marker would've had us at (I don't think any of them were accurate), but definitely too fast! Started to feel it after the climb out of the tunnel but was still going strong until the double whammy of the Bolte bridge and a stitch took the wind out of my sails. Couldn't take advantage of the downhill on the other side of the bridge and TB caught me up around the 8.5k mark. Tried to stay with him, but my legs just didn't have enough power and the stitch was really making it hard. The hill up next to Etihad stadium was just cruel! I got a bit of boost at the 12k mark and again as I ran past the musicians on South Bank. Saved up a bit for the end and TB's CR hat in the distance provided a good incentive to start my kick. I almost died prematurely thanks to the misleading 14k marker, but managed to relax and ramped it up another notch for the finish. Crossed the line in 57:21 (GPS time, forgot my timing chip so that's all I have to go off) seeing stars and close to vomiting. The announcer called the first aid team out for TB and I as we lay collapsed on the asphalt:P It took ten minutes for my vision to clear up.

A bit of an underperformance, but it's still a six minute PB for me, so can't be too unhappy with that. Definitely need to work on the hills for next time.

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