Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Warning sign

Sunday turned out to be a great day for skiing. -5C with relatively clear skies had me raring to get out the door, and I managed to do 30 km before we had to leave to get back to Melbourne. If only the Hoppet had been moved back a day.. (but of course I can see why the organisers couldn't do that)

I attempted to get back into my running schedule yesterday but was disappointed to find that along with my sore upper body, my right foot was still hurting:( It's on the ball of the foot underneath the third metatarsal, so from what I've read it's not a stressie (they're felt on top of the foot apparently), but still not good. I can still run on it, but given that the pain got worse during my 10k of hill reps (great workout by the way), I'm not going to risk it. Probably has something to do with the hard ski boots and the worn out racing flats I was wearing for the run. I'd worn the same ones for the one hour race last Sunday, so it looks like it's time to relegate them to the 'trails only, 10k limit' pile.

I'm still really keen to run the Aths vic half this Sunday and will probably do so even if the foot is still sore, so the plan is to do all my workouts this week on the cross trainer and hope for the best.

My official placing for the hoppet was 110th (out of 272), which I'm pretty happy with. Based on last year's results, that would buy me about a 2:53 finish over the full 42k course, so something to aim for next year.

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