Sunday, 11 July 2010

An idea: a Personal Development Social Networking site/Online book club

So many books, so little time
Lately I've been flicking through Amazon looking at all the books I'd like to read when the thought struck me "Why bother reading the whole book? The key messages could probably be summarised in a few pages?". Furthermore, how do I know whether the book is any good or not? Will it help me achieve my goals, or it just a waste of time?

An idea: user generated commentaries
How great would it be if there was a site that pulled together multimedia commentaries (video!) outlining the key messages of a resource (books or otherwise) that could help you achieve your goals? Click on a goal, e.g. "Improve communication skills" and you would be presented with a list of resources to help you achieve the goal. Users could vote on the material, elevating the most useful commentaries to the top of the list.

Goal setting social networking sites
This would be a perfect complement to the goal setting social networking sites like and On these sites, you can set your own personal goals, track your progress against them, create action plans and support and be supported by your friends (the social networking side of it).

A fusion: Personal Development Social Network
What I'd love to see is a way to bring these two ideas together so that you could access resources that would help and inspire you to achieve your goals. It would be fun but oh so useful for personal development. It would be the epitome of positive procrastination.

What do you think?
Would a site like this be useful for you? Would you contribute to it? (After all the power of the site would be in its user base)

How would it pay for itself?
Ideally, the site would be free to allow as many people as possible to access it and contribute to it. How could hosting, etc. be paid for? I hate google ads and couldn't stand to have them cluttering up the page. Is there another way?

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