Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lilydale Take on the Lake '8'k: 2nd in 25:21

Enjoyed this race. Had a couple of cups of coffee and then got on the bike for the 30k ride out to Lilydale. Was feeling excellent and had to remind myself not to destroy my legs too much on the climbs before I got to the start line:P

Start line was a bit hectic. Usual bunch of enthusiastic kids crowded out the first row and when the whistle blew, five young guys put the hammer down straight away. I forced myself to stay on even though it felt much too fast. They lasted about a k and a half before dropping off, and I worked my way up a few places. Going round the back end, I think a marshall misdirected us, because I sure as hell did not run 12:20 for the first 4k! (Garmin said 3.55k). Quite a few of the young guys turned out to be doing the 4k, so I found myself comfortably in equal second place with a veteran runner. He instructed me not to worry about him (being in different age categories), but as I did my usual trick of fading after 4.5k, my competitive juices forced me to do exactly that. Summoning up some effort, I focused on holding good form and reeled him back in, catching him with a km to go. It hurt, but it was supposed to, and I finished with a good workout under my belt.

Did a cooldown lap with Jay, who won the '8k' (and the '4k' as well) in 24:17. Impressive guy: he's run 2:25 for the marathon and is aiming for a 68:xx half at Gold Coast. Trains 170k per week, averaging 4:15/k (10k threshold on Saturdays in 31:45). That's what it takes...

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