Sunday, 17 January 2010

Another week, another hundred miles

Pulled up quite well from the long run last Sunday, but after a hard core workout on Tuesday, my body felt toasted and it took me until Saturday to feel recovered again. The weekend involved a bout of crash training: 67km in two days!

I ran what I thought would be my long run of the week on Saturday morning: 21k. Did another 9k that night, marvelling at the beautiful sunset reflected on the surface of Lake Burley Griffin.

This morning I woke up not feeling very energetic, but resolved to do an easy 15k anyway. It turned into one of those great runs, where I just kept feeling better the further I went. When I got to Commonwealth bridge, marking the end of my half lake circuit, I didn't feel like stopping and continued on, locking myself in for a full circumnavigation of the lake. Trying not to think about how long the run was going to be (I wasn't actually sure how far the lake extended!), I really enjoyed running through the wetlands. It was perfect conditions for a long run: plenty of sun, but not much heat. Eventually I reached the other side of the lake, relieved to see that it was only going to be 30km, not 40:P Setting my sights on other runners on the path, I zoomed home averaging 4:15s. Ended up with 31km (2:48) on the garmin, my longest run ever! I felt like I could've easily kept on going if I'd wanted to.

Fatigue struck back after the adrenaline wore off, and I flopped around for the rest of the day, barely managing to coax myself out for a second 7k run before dinner. Still, feeling very satisfied with myself for completing another 100 mile week (161.9km). The average pace was slightly better than last week too (6:08/k vs 6:10/k), showing that I'm absorbing the work.

Knee is still niggling a bit, and I have an annoying blister on my middle toe, but apart from that, I'm handling the workload really well. Nutrition and sleep are big factors in how well I recover, so I've been stealing food from the salad bar for midnight snacks and have tried to sneak in naps whenever possible.

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