Monday, 5 October 2009

Taper time

I had my mid semester break for uni last week and instead of catching up on study like I should've, I took advantage of the Spring weather that arrived on Wednesday and put in a solid 40 hours of training. The road bike got dusted off and I had four really enjoyable 100k rides from Thursday to Sunday. Felt stronger each time and the sun and warmer temperatures had me riding in just a short sleeve jersey for the first time in months. My dad picked up his new Kona Dew Drop (drop bar commuter/tourer) on Saturday, so I introduced him to Beach rd and he gave me a really good workout! I was struggling to catch him as he accelerated out of the lights, absolutely smashing himself, but loving it (at least until he bonked hard with 5k to go:P)! Great to see:)

Running wise I am still doing very little volume and the only run of note was an easy 12k on Saturday. Legs felt extremely heavy at the start, but I did warm up after about 5k and quite enjoyed the rest of the run. Achilles was still bothering me a little bit, but it was nowhere near as bad as the week before, and I'm pretty confident that with a week to rest up, they'll come good.

I think it was a good time to start tapering because I felt very flat today, and while I probably could've put in another six hour day, the intensity would've been a lot lower. After a good five weeks of thirty hour plus weeks, it's definitely time for a recovery period, and hopefully it'll all pay off with a new HM PB on Sunday.

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