Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sept stats

run: 113.54km (4:44/k avg)
ride: 1124 km
cross trainer: 50:14
Total time spent training: 119hrs

Run: 2451km (6:14/k avg)
ride: 9892km
xc ski: 491km
cross trainer: 69:50
TOTAL TIME: 942 hrs (3:27/day average)

Sept highlights:
- HM PB (1:19:15) at Aths vic HM
- Plenty of riding

- Not much running because of an overambitious racing schedule

Kinda funny comparing it to last year. I'm actually behind on running mileage, and my average pace is slower. Overall training volume is higher though and I'm obviously in much better shape.

Had another incident on my bike on my way home last night. Very sore thanks to the sore rib and road rash and hadn't eaten enough, so was riding very slowly. These three young bucks took objection to me taking up space on their road (there was plenty of room to pass), so beeped at me and yelled expletives. I stupidly responded in kind and they pulled over in front of me, the driver got out of the car, and threatened to run me over if I didn't get off the road that instant. Punching me in the helmet as a parting gesture, they got back in the car, and comically had to wait for a good 45 seconds until the traffic let them in, giving me plenty of time to memorise their number plate. Very shaken, I rode home on the footpath, and rang the police, basically in tears (I'm a softie, what can I say?) as I told my story. Doubt anything will happen, but if the dents in the car were anything to go off, this testosterone fuelled jerk is an accident/manslaughter waiting to happen.

My policy of hyper-aggression towards abusive motorists is getting thrown on the scrapheap I think..(at least not unless I've got the strength to get away/the skills to follow through..)

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