Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What to look for when hiring a Zoho Creator developer

I saw the below question on the Zoho Creator Linked In group and thought I'd write a reply.
"I am inquiring if anyone has any recommendations on how to find a expert level Zoho developer to help me customize the software into a complex CRM using many "bells & whistles" 

My answer
I often hire subcontractors to help me out on Zoho Creator projects when I'm overloaded. Unfortunately the majority of times I've found they've let me down either due to a lack of technical skill or due to poor reliability (e.g. leaving in the middle of a project as one other poster experienced). My recommendations for a good hire are: 
a. go for a local (as an Australian, I myself find it difficult to work with US clients due to time differences and now try to avoid it where possible) 

b. look on to get a realistic picture of someone's performance. If they have a tendency to drop projects, you will see that reflected in their feedback. I always look for someone with > 4.5 stars feedback and at least 200 hours on oDesk so you can see whether they can sustain that quality. Here is a link to the list of oDesk freelancers specialising in Zoho Creator.

c. give the person a 10hr test job to begin with and be ruthless if they show any signs of: 
1. poor communication 
2. poor deliverable quality 
3. slow delivery 

d. spend a lot of time planning out the project yourself. Do not rely on the developer to do the thinking for you. My favourite clients are the ones who write detailed specifications mapping out exactly what is needed and who are responsive to my questions during the project. If you don't have the time to do this then be prepared to pay a lot more because the developer basically has to act as a management consultant as well and also be prepared for the work to be done incorrectly because the developer will have a hard time understanding your requirements. If you're happy to pay more, then get someone local who can sit in the office with you and nut out your requirements. Even better if they have subject matter expertise. 

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