Sunday, 6 December 2009

Feeling good

Had quite a good week both running wise and research wise. Finally managed to get my supervisor to explain exactly what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Makes me feel a lot more motivated than before when I felt like I was just mechanically putting things through a mass spectrometer without really knowing what the overall point of it was. Sounds like I might get to do some self directed research soon as well because we're nearly done with the original project:)

I'm enjoying running more than I have in a long time and feel like I'm in pretty good shape. Measured my Resting Heart Rate on Wednesday night and was amazed to find it's down to 32! It was around 35 at the start of the year when I was spending 8-10hrs a day on the bike (cycle touring through Spain), so that shows some significant aerobic development (for interest's sake, my RHR was around 55 when I first started running).

Went out for a long run this morning, aiming to do 15k, and thanks to my hopeless sense of distance, misjudged how far it would be around Lake Burley Griffin and ended up doing 21.1k (I did an extra 200 m to reach that special number:P). It was a really nice run and I felt great, picking it up towards the end. Average pace was 5:10/k, which is pretty fast for me!

Finished up with 72k for the week, which is very pleasing. Legs feel good except for my left knee (cycling induced injury from last week) which is quite bothersome when going on an incline/decline. I think I'll be fine if I just stick to the flat though, so I'll rinse and repeat and aim for about 80k. I've organised a running group among the summer scholars and that's been great. Not a huge turnout so far (~5 people per session), but as long as I have at least one person to run with I'm happy.

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