Monday, 20 July 2009

Day two: Seymour to Shepparton

Monday July 6, 2009, 92 km (57 miles) - Total so far: 227 km (141 miles)

Invigorated by my sleep in my 'tent', I rose early and went for a (heckle-free) run. The others were much slower to emerge from their sleeping bags, and it was past 10AM by the time we headed off. Still, we had a much easier day ahead of us, so it didn't particularly matter. The road was flat, the weather was nice and everything went well. There was a bit of an issue at about the 40k mark when Anand and Jono took off in a sprint just as I was starting to flag, meaning that the group, and the wind block it represented, disintegrated. When I caught up, I was hot, both from the exertion and from my righteous anger (:P) and cooled off by eating 8 oranges and an avocado (we'd passed a sign for the fruit fly exclusion zone saying 'Eat it or bin it' and I chose the former option:P).

Feeling rather full, I followed behind as we rode all together at a much more manageable pace. I say manageable, but we still averaged just under 25kph for the day, which in my touring experience is INCREDIBLE! The best I'd ever done in Spain was around 19.5kph and that was with a 50km stretch of downhill and a tailwind. I was very impressed and I think everyone else was too. That and relieved that it hadn't been anywhere near as hard as the first day.

The early finish meant we still had heaps of daylight Matt Z and I headed off for the artificial light of the supermarket, while the others went to a dingey pub to watch the footy:P

Dinner that night was epic, with 2.5kg of stir fry vegetables consumed by Matt Z and I alone.

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