Monday, 20 July 2009

Day six: Grong Grong to Junee

Friday July 10, 2009, 83 km (51 miles) - Total so far: 651 km (405 miles)

With the fire in the courtyard pouring smoke down my throat all night, I woke up with a nasty cough, feeling shocking. I made a bit of an effort to have breakfast and get my stuff packed, but ended up slinking back into bed to stay warm. This ended up lasting for longer than was ideal because it turned out that my attempts to wake up the others had not been as successful as I thought:P James and Anand were sound asleep while everyone else had had breakfast and gotten themselves ready. A more vigorous wake up call was performed by Matt M and at 10.30, we finally got out of the hotel.

I knew I'd slow the group down if I rode my bike, so I did a swap with Matt Z, and James, who wasn't feeling great either, did the same with Anand. Even with the lighter load, it was still a bit of a struggle against a headwind. This was commented on by a passing train driver, who yelled a warning to watch out for police who might be tempted to book us for speeding:P

After slogging it out for a few hours, we got to Junee. I kind of wanted to keep on riding to keep on schedule, but after calling the only hotel at Bethungra to discover that they were full, we decided to make it an easy day and just stay at the Junee caravan park even though it was only 3pm. The managers were very friendly and offered us the use of their garage to ensure that our bikes weren't pinched by the local kids, who sound like they go in for that kind of thing judging by the fact that the caravan park's golf cart had already been stolen four times!

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