Monday, 1 June 2009

Ride to Kinglake and May stats

Rode up to Kinglake with my friend Jono yesterday. I love it up there, great hill training and not much traffic. It was bloody freezing when we set out, but once we got above the fog, the sun came out and it was brilliant:) We had two bakery stops at the Kinglake bakery and at La Panella, a vegan bakery in Preston. Mushroom pie, two donuts, half a sausage roll, coffee scroll, chocolate muffin = yum:D Good 142km hitout.

Stats for May:
run: 261km (6:03/k avg) - injury kept total down
ride: 1514km
cross trainer: 7:39
Total time spent training: 108hrs

Pretty decent. More training than previous months and I'm definitely starting to feel fitter both on the bike and on the run. Leg's still bugging me though so I'm probably going to stick to the cross trainer til Friday. I'm going up to Dinner plain for the long weekend with my family, so if we're lucky we'll get some cross country skiing in:D

Up to 150 pushups per day this week. I did a 50 rep set last week:)

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